Is Google Pixel 4xl Get the Spotlight?

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Now its turn of google to take the spotlight and this google pixel 4xl has improved design and camera

On the 15th of October, Google official announced pixel 4xl and xl specification. Talking about pixel 4, it is the leading leaked-about mobile recently. Before claiming the excellent quality of the phone google tested the google pixel 4xl and 4 in June 2019 on the social media ” twitter.”  This google new pixel mobile phone pack has dual front cameras. It has almost 90 HZ faces the unlock process. It is the radar power unlock method. In the Amazon-style autumnal windfall of items, also revealed in 2019 Presented by Google display in New York, Unites States was the Nest WIFI router, Mini smart speaker, Google Next, Pixel book Chrome book and wireless earbuds of the pixel.

Car detection and live video recording

It also slew innovative features such as captioning live video and detection car crash. These pixel 4 xl specs make the customer to looking forward to the google pixel 4xl, and there is news that its specifications are much better than the Apple iPhone 11. Soon pixel 4 release, and you will witness all hype about it.

Announcement of Google pixel 4 xl price and Color

The pixel 4xl price range is varied. For the Pixel 4xl price range is around £829 or $899 for its 64 GB version, and for pixel 4, its price starts from £669 or $669. Google announces the final cost of the Google Pixel 4xl. All the google fans are ready to get their hands on this revolutionary mobile phone of google with the fantastic specifications. The best part about these google pixel 4xl is that you can upgrade the GB from 63 to 128 only for $100 or a little bit more. To get your hands on the phone, you can now preorder google pixel 4xl, the pre-order is live now, and the shipping of these phones will start from the 24th of October.

It is the best opportunity for you to get the pixel 4 from the United States, a major courier. This is the 1st time that google is opening this opportunity for all pixel 4 lovers to get the phone as soon as possible. This time Google has brought a variety of colors for you from black to white. this time google has introduces the fun color ” OH SO ORANGE.”

Google time to attract all Spotlight

In 2019 the competition for the new phone is very tough, and Google has managed to grab all the attention. In 2019, google pixel 4xl has faced strong competitors such as Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, iPhone 11 Pro, and II. If we talk about the real competition, the Galaxy S10 and iPhone 11 are the new rivals of the google pixel 4xl. The main reason that these two phones are the competition for the pixel 4xl is that both of them are almost $100 cheaper. There is another fierce competition for google that is OnePlus 7 Pro, which has the same screen as Pixel 4xl like 90 Hz. Comparing the pixel 4xl price and the OnePlus 7 Pro, it is almost a difference of $130.

Pixel 4xl spec: Innovative Design

Google pixel cones with a square and innovative design camera. Its camera is belted in skillfully around its side with a sleek-looking band of aluminum. Here is the good news about the design, this time google pixel losses the 3xl hideous notch and alternatively has the front Bexel that contains the face lock and selfie camera.

Pixel 4xl spec: Camera


The primary camera is a 12MP with an f/1.7, 77-degree field view. The second camera is a 16MP telephoto lens with f/2.4, 52-degree field view. It gives a better and enhanced zooming experience on the photos you take. The pictures were taken in dim lights, and night-time gives better results compared to the competitors. You can get better results in images in portrait mode.


Take a selfie with the 8MP with f/2.0, 90-degree field view.

Live HDR+

No more wasting another second to view the picture results. The new live HDR+ feature enables you to see what the final image will look like before snapping it. Cool, right?

Dual exposure

Google has focused on software improvement. The double exposure feature in the pixel 4 camera helps you adjust the brightness of the foreground and background of your image. What does that mean? It means that now you can capture a picture of your friend while he stands right in front of the sun without compromising on any colors.

Snap the stars

It is possible now to catch those stars and gaze at the galaxies far in the sky with your pixel 4 astrophotography feature. All you need to do is to travel to the countryside and fix your pixel 4 on a tripod for stability., then the sky is no longer the limit.


Comparison with 3x n 3xl


The new Pixel 4xL and 4 are about the same size as the older versions 3 and 3XL. But the latest ones might be an mm bigger at most.


The Pixel 4xl and 4 and weigh more than the older models, but that’s not so bad since it gives a sturdy feel to it when you hold it. Honestly, it seems more robust than the other pixel phones.

Google pixel 4xl: Smooth display and refreshing rate 90Hz

The most significant improvement of all time in the pixel 4 and 4XL presentation is the refreshing rate of 90hz. You what that means? A smooth roll and superior gaming experience.   Like Asus ROG and One plus  7 Pro Phone, the screen refreshed almost 90 times. It makes the animation of graphics smooth, and the appearance of the text is sharp. Most of the phones usually have 60Hz displays such as Samsun and Apple.

Motion Sense for secure and fast face unlock

This feature of google pixel 4xl locates almost above the screen. The position of the sensor is impressive, and the name of the sensor is a motion sensor. It is the mix of the sensor, tiny radar, and infrared that let the google pixel 4xl to unlock with the face. These are the very first face opens mobiles that are safe enough to use this with Google Pay and password applications. It is the best thing because it has googled nixed the scanner (fingerprint) on Pixel 4xl and 4.

Google pixel 4xl is the complete package that offers the car crash and lives video recording. Its face detection sensor and breathtaking images will inevitably be leading the mobile industry in 2019.

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