How to Print Multiple Slides on One Page

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PowerPoint, How to Print Multiple Slides on One Page

When it comes to printing documents or PowerPoint slides, it is very much expensive. So that’s why How to print multiple slides on one page, So why to pay for the extra piece of paper if you can have the multiple slides on one page? If you are a teacher and printing the slides daily is very expensive. It is not only the money but also the wastage of ink and paper. The question here is how to print multiple slides on a single paper from the PowerPoint or the Google Slides. If you want to know about how to print numerous slides on single page Google slides, then you are in the right place.

If you need to print form the PowerPoint, then here is the good news for you, now PowerPoint’s make it easy for their users to have multiple slides on the single page. So save your time, ink money, and get the compact handouts.


Print Multiple PowerPoint Slide on the Single Paper and Save the Paper

Why rely on PowerPoint when you have user-Friendly Printer Option.

It seems a little technical and tricky on how to print numerous slides on an only sheet of print paper. But the truth is that it is as simple as ABC; the default setting of the printer is “one slide per page.” But have you ever think about the wastage? It is not at all efficient or economical but not also environmentally friendly. Wasting the paper mean damaging trees, unless you need slide per page for a valid reason. Otherwise, multiple slides per page are the best option. If you are the student who needs a layout at the time of presentation, a teacher, or want to keep the hard copy of the document with you get multiple slides on a single page.

Follow these few simple steps to get the Multiple Slides on one page, whether you are using Microsoft Office or the Google Slider.

Printer Option for Multiple Slides on a Single Sheet

Let’s explore the multiple options to get a number of the slide on one piece of paper. Before getting into the other option, let’s explore the printer. Yes. It is true that by changing the printer setting from the default, you can get multiple slides on one piece of paper.

Look For the Print Setting and Click Properties

Microsoft Office, PowerPoint Slide

All you need is to do open the File option from the Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, or Word). When you click the file option, you will see the option Print. Choose the Print setting. Once you choose the Print option, click on the properties (for the printer). Remember, every printer has its specifications. All you need is to do is “look for Pages Per Sheet  options on the lay put tabs or anything related to it.

Select the Slide per Sheet Option or Full Slide per Sheet

Microsoft Office, PowerPoint slide

Once you find the Page per Sheet option, pick the number of slides you need per sheet of paper. Once you select the desired amount of the slide. The printer property page will show the preview of the layout. It will show you how these slides ill appear on the single sheet. If you are satisfied with the layout, all you need is to do “CLICK ON OK.”

Remember, if you are not satisfied with the layout and have pressed the OK button. You need to press cancel as quickly as possible. With the little experiment, you will find the appropriate number of slides per page.

Are You Looking For Multiple Slides on a One-page Google slide?


Remember creating an excellent presentation is more about having a professional grip on the tool. If you are one who stuck how to get various slides on single page (Google Slide), then get ready to reveal the method.


Look For the Setting “Print Setting”

How to print multiple slides on one page

When you have created your presentation and ready to print, look for a print setting. For this open your Google Slides and click on the file button present on the menu. After Clicking the File, press the Print Setting and Preview Tab. You will find this option at the bottom of the File options.

Select the Slides per page to print

Once you open the tab Print Setting and Preview, the option pops up. There you will find out multiple personalized options for the printout. To get the various slides per page, you need to do a clock on the upper left side on a 1 slide without notes. It is a print setting (default in your Google Slides.)

Let Print It

How to print multiple slides on one page

Are you satisfied with the layout or the preview? If yes, then click on the Print. The print option is present in the Right corner (upper right), or you can press Command on Mac and Control on Windows. There is one more option of changing the slides’ size. You can pick from the landscape or portrait orientation. If you are a beginner and unable to find out, choose the landscape.  For printing, multiple slides such as four landscapes are the best option because it will be taller and broader.

Point to Ponder

As it is understood that if you print more slides per page, the image and text will be smaller. These small size slides are best to review the documents and presentation. By doing this, you will save ink and paper.

All of the Microsoft Office apps provide this capability. Remember not the office, but the printer will manage where to find the print option. When printing several slides on the one sheet of paper, keep in mind, many slides will make the content difficult to understand and read. You need to be careful hen managing more than four slides on a single sheet.

Best Number of Slides on one page

Usually, 4 slides per page are the best because it not only reduces the wastage of paper but also makes it easy to read and understand. Let’s Print-Multiple Slide on a single page,” say four per slide.”  Whether you are working on s Google Slide or a Microsoft office, you can see the preview to find out about the outcome.


Make sure Slide Look Great in Preview

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