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Women are successfully leading in all professions, whether it is health-related or educational. They are ruling with the sky and exploring the underwater world. It does not end here; women are also taking part in a space mission. Recently to women, astronauts have conducted their first women spacewalk. It is the proud moment for every single woman on the earth. The Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are the first women spacewalk astronauts.

Almost in the half-century of the space exploration first, the women astronauts walked together in mission space. The NASA two famous astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Mei made history on 18th October when both of them attempted outside of ISS (INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION) for their first women spacewalk. Jessica Mei AND Christina Koch floated their feet the first time out of the ISS airlock on 18th October 2019 in United Kingdom time, taken by replacing the failed PCU (Power Control Unit)


What famous astronauts Have to Say About Space Mission

One of the famous astronauts who went on the space mission said that it is essential because of a historical nature. She mentioned that in the past, women are always on the other side of the table. They were not encouraged to participate in such jobs. The FIRST WOMEN SPACEWALK is the best contribution to the space mission. It shows that women can lead and double the chance for success.

The Delay in The Mission

The scheduled date for the space mission is October 21st of this year. But it has delayed or pushed forward because of the faulty battery. They intended to substitute the battery part. It will be Meir’s first spacewalk; on the other hand, it will be Koch’s fourth. But it is the first time in the history that two women are going for a spacewalk.

It has scheduled that the historic spacewalk will start on October18 at 7:50 am. It will be live on the Nasa WEBSITE, AND TELEVISION around 6:30 am.

Cancellation of an earlier space mission

In March, Kate was scheduled to do the space mission with Anne McClain, but it canceled. It happened the first time in the history of a spacewalk that they canceled the mission. The reason for the cancellation is the unavailability of spacesuits.

Spacewalk is the EVA. It is the abbreviation of extra-vehicular activity, an astronaut jargon. It took around almost 7 months after a preparation of an original date for a female outing. This had to be unrestrained because the ISS, international space station has one piece of the medium suit on board. As there were two astronauts going for the moonwalk, the agency arranged the second medium space suit in October.

astronauts, spacewalk, first woman spacwalk, famous astronauts, famous astronauts, first female astronaut, first woman on the moon, women astronauts, nasa, space mission, moon mission, first woman in space, mission space, space crafts



As we know, a spacewalk is EVA, or extravehicular activities are regular yet dangerous operations. In this mission space, astronauts put bulky spacesuits, step outside the international space station and work in the vacuum space. The first women spacewalk is a fantastic experience, and NASA is planning to send women astronauts on the moon.


The astronauts Christina Koch and Andre Morgan conducted the spacewalk for the installation of lithium batteries along one of four channel or a set of batteries. After that, the power boxes unable to integrate the fresh battery into a system of the space station. As a consequence, it is using only two-third power to generate energy.


The all-women space mission hits another blow this year. The power unit is not responding entirely because of a failing battery. It has happened second time. The first battery failure was around the start of the year.


The trouble causing power unit is known to be around 19 years old, in words of an ISS Operations overseer. It seems to have happened before too, back in spring when another power unit did not respond to the battery change. The two power failures might have same reasons for dysfunction. The researchers are working on comparing data of the two defeats to see if they can find any similarities. It will help them understand the reason for these battery failures.


While this issue is still in talks, three more spacewalks are on schedule. The purpose of these walks is strictly maintenance of the space station. A robotic arm will carry the spacewalkers to the battery installation unit. The total time allotted for this activity is three hours at most where the astronauts will replace the 230 pounds faulty battery unit with a new one. Plus, one more hour to carry out regular maintenance procedures of the space station. The team is quite hopeful that by the end of this week, the battery failure will be taken care of and the space station will be back on full power.


Once the space station is back on full power, the female famous astronauts will head towards their next venture of moon walking. Hopefully, the faulty battery unit will work fine this time around. It is indeed a success on behalf of Koch and Mier to handle this stressful situation so well.

More TO come

It is a massive success for women, and they are looking further take the space travel as their occupation. Women are already making their way into this profession as there is an increasing number of females who want to study and grow in this field. Hopefully, all-female space missions will be an everyday activity in the future.


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