Everything You Need to Know About Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 & Redmi Note Pro

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The smart phone industry has been really advanced in recent times. You will find a wide range of brands in the market. Each brand is individual in its own way but there are certain standards set by the market. It is more than important to meet the standards in order survive within the competitive surroundings of market. Xiaomi is one of them which have remained pretty much popular in recent times. Most importantly, it has maintained great presence in the India’s market.

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Mobile specification and prices

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Mobile specification and prices








This brand has the policy of selling leading hardware at a compelling price. Redmi Note 8 & Redmi Note 8 Pro  now has been released at just a price of Rs 7,999. The cheaper rates make it much more competitive in the market given the exceptional features.

This article will guide you over the various features of Redmi Note 8  and how it can be the right choice for you to make in this time.

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Build, Display and Design

Redmi Note 8 & Redmi Note 8 Pro  is one of the best smart phones you will find in the market when it comes to aesthetic appeal. It is designed with a polycarbonate back. There is a curved gradient finish which matches a lot to the previous models of Redmi maintaining the legacy. Even though there are few slippery edges, the phone is pretty much easy to hold on. Redmi has been implementing exceptional style on the budget phones over the last few years. The look is much premium compared to the price of it. Just above the fingerprint sensor, there is a dual-camera layout which compliments it in the right way. Moreover, the glossy look boasted by the model is one of the best things you will find in any smart phone.

Coming for the first time, there is a type-C port. This phone also features splash resistance but that doesn’t mean you go forward splashing the phone around in water. Moreover, there is a 6.2 inch display which features HD specification. An IR blaster has been included as well which has been common within most of the Redmi phones throughout the years.

RAM and Software

This is an Android based phone featuring 9.0 Pie. It comes with built-in MIUI 10. MIUI has now improved considerably over the past few years which gives you another reason to purchase Redmi Note 8. You will most likely see an update to Android 10 later in this year. Coming with a waterdrop notch, this phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor. It either comes in a 3 GB RAM or a 4 GB RAM. Similarly, you have the option of either 32 GB or 64GB when it comes to internal storage. It perhaps operates in the most optimal manner. Even though a full testing of the phone is yet to be done, the performance till now is completely fine. The final verdict cannot be given at this stage for Redmi Note 8  but most of the users have given satisfactory remarks.

Redmi note 8 pro

Battery and Camera

One of the major features that most of the purchasers look forward to when purchasing any phone is camera and battery. Redmi Note 8  is one of the best phones when it comes to these two features. A dual camera setup has been implements within this model. On the back, there is a 12 MP sensor. Moreover, it even features a secondary 2 MP sensor on the back which makes the phone unique to others. You will be able to take crisp photos from a phone which is only priced at RS 7,999. This is something that you will never get in other phones. Furthermore, you can record 1080p videos and shoot videos up to 10 seconds using a single tap. There is a selfie shooter as well in the front with 8 MP. There are several camera face smoothening features in the front camera which makes it an ideal purchase if you are much into taking selfies. Almost all the Chinese phone makers are famous for having exceptional selfie cameras. You can go through the full reviews of camera in order to get a better and detailed idea about the quality of images that can be captured.

When it comes to battery, this is another ideal feature that you should look forward to. There is a 5000 mAh battery. It is been supported by 18 W charging. This is a remarkable feature given the price of this phone. The low powered chipset and low resolution display doesn’t drain much battery as well. This provides a reasonably well talk time.

Release Date

Given the features above, there is a wave of enthusiasm within the industry for the release of Redmi Note 8. It has been really anticipated amongst smart phone users. It has been confirmed by the Indian head of Xiaomi that they will launch a smart phone in the third week of October. More precisely, it was stated that the phone will be released on 16 October. It was further confirmed by the Indian head that the smart phone will feature a 64 MP camera. This automatically creates a sense of excitement within the public.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of smart phones in the market. If you are short on budget and want a phone that boasts most of the features that you will find in today’s smart phones, then Redmi Note 8  is perhaps the best choice anyone can make. It is classy in its own way featuring ideal camera, design and battery. It perhaps offers real value for money. The software experience can be ideal for most of the users out there. However, it may not suit iOS users. The price range is the X-factor. Compared to other brands, the price offered is phenomenal. The price drop is something that most of the purchasers are surprised at. Getting a smart phone at such price that provides such features is not less than a miracle. You must go over the customer reviews as well in order to get a detailed idea about the smart phone.

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