Asus zenbook pro duo: Asus laptop review

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ASUS comes up with new revolutionary technology this year. You have seen their laptop with dual-screen this year. The ZenBook Pro is the dual-screen laptop’s Screen Pad. The Asus never stop their customers from surprising them. They are taking this concept to the next level. The Asus zenbook pro duo is the following that you will get in your hands. It offers their client the vast, fantastic secondary display that covers the full width of Asus zen book. The ASUS is calling it a ScreenPad Plus–rather than being the small display inside a touchpad, same as the original. It is something like a completely functional secondary laptop monitor right on it. The experience of the Asus zenbook pro duo is not great, but it shows that ASUS has put their effort into how clients could use the alternative display.



The ASUS procced to offer designs that are undeniably Asus, innovative, and timeless. The Asus laptop is made from the hard aluminum, undoubtedly an Astronomical Blue is fascinating; it shows like the blue-deeply water pool withholds thousands of secrets in it. It shows if you are brave enough to discover the hidden truth. The bright shiny Asus logo at the center is an epicenter of gadget Asus concentric-circle design.

When you open the lid, you will find the gently raise in the keyboard of the Asus zenbook pro duo. It is almost 4.5 degrees to offer the customer comfortable viewing and typing experience.

The screen pad of this Asus laptop is the center of attention, and the combination of this screen with a 4K OLED monitor display makes it the best element of the Asus zenbook pro duo.


At the front lip of the Asus laptop, you will notice the light bar if Alexa, which shows that digital support is preparing the request. The Asus Finishes this look by housing the ports in chamfered, gleaming edges.

WEIGHT And Display

The weight of the Asus zenbook pro duo is almost, and its size is 14.1 x 9.7 x 0.9 inches.  The Asus laptop zenbook duo measures diagonally nearly fourteen inches, but it is under four inches long. But it has the odd resolutions at these dimensions: 3,840 by pixel 1,100. In short, it is the 4k display screen that is cut in half. It seems a bit weird, but it perfect for the Asus zenbook pro duo secondary display.

The only drawback of the Asus zenbook pro duo is that it is pretty heavy, its weight is almost 5 pounds, and the thickness is about 1 inch. It is twice in the thickness of XPS15. Talking about Dell’s notebook is much lighter than Asus zen, because it is, has a secondary screen, But Dell’s laptop is 3eay to carry and travel. The weight of Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro is much lighter than Asus zenbook pro, but then there is a limitation to the graphics it does not have the OLED options.

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CPU And Ram Performance

Beyond the creation of having a couple of displays, the Asus zenbook is also the powerhouse. It featured Intel’s Asus ZenBook 32GB of DDR4 RAM, 9th-gen octa-core i9-9980HK, and NVIDIA’s RTX 2060 GPU. Its powerful ream and CPU enable it you process heavy content like gaming, and you can enjoy all the massive games on this Asus laptop. The games like Destiny 2in1 and Overwatch in 1,440p and 1,080p offers the best gaming experiences.

On a handbrake test, asus zenbook pro duo took almost eight minutes and fifty-two seconds to the transcode the four thousand videos to 1080p. It dusted a premium laptop avg that is 22:04 and spectra that is 21:4, but it could not complete with an XPS 15 or MacBook Pro, which complete with 8:00 and 8:10 times, respectively.

The asus zen book 1TB PCle SSD duplicated almost 4.97GB of multimedia documents in six seconds with 858.2 transfer rate MBps. It was enough to dominate a 564.1 megabytes per second. The specter’s 424 Megabytes per second and XPS 15’s 508 MBps


Usage of Second Display

ASUS has various preconceived use for Asus zenbook pro duo:

It offers multiple options like 2D graphics Designing, Programming, Gaming, video editing, and more. For all the game lovers, it is perfect for you. While playing the game, keep in mind that you can interact with the screen pad any time, and your game will pause automatically. Yes, it’s annoying little when you are into games, and suddenly it pauses.

There is a complaining which gamer usually faces is the angel od secondary panel. The angle makes you break the line of sight to watch a walkthrough or read the messages.


Both primary and secondary displays of the Asus Zen book are in touch. To avoid the unsightly fingerprints and makes your screen look ugly, ASUS bundled the pen. The slate grey-aluminum pen of asus zen has a substantial feels that is different from the fountain pen. Talking about writing comfort. It is comfortable to write on a screen pad, where the writing is much smoother. Talking about its batteries, it runs on the AAA battery, and it shows that pen work up to almost 10 hours.

Touchpad and Keyboard

The Keyboard of Duo’s chiclet-style if flexible, with enough feedback to secure bottoming out. Talking about the travel, it felt mussy, as anyone can point out. The lack of pf palm space while typing makes the unwieldy experience. While typing on the level surface is much better, particularly with a detachable rest.

The second screen or the screen pad taking up that precious space shows that 2.4×3.4-inch pad has been pushing to a bottom-right side of a deck. It takes time to work non this setup, but once you get used to it, you can perform multitasking. Activating the num pad is secure. All you need is to hold and press an icon in a top-right place to inactive or activate the Numpad. It is also appreciable that ASUS added the brightness button on a top-left side. It is best when you are using the Asus laptop in the darkroom.


The place where Asus need to put effort is the Asus. The Kardon/Harman side-mounted speaker is not much efficient. The conversation of a bunch of people overshadows the audio. Asus needs to work on the software of AUDIO. Listening to the loud and high-beat sound is not as enjoying as it supposes to be. Talking about the audio, you need to buy good headphones to enjoy music, or you need a room with no other people around you.

Battery Life Of asus zenbook pro duo

As impressive as its 4K OLED panels, they can perform the number on a battery of the laptop asus. The asus zenbook pro duo gets the twice whammy here, as it sports the power-consuming discrete Graphic Process Unity and 2nd 4k panel. Duo lasted three honors and forty-one on a Laptop Mag Battery Test. it comprises of web surfing over the wi-fi long top screen brightness at one hundred and fifty nits. The zenbook pro lasted a few mins longer with as off-screen.

Both Duo’s times are much below¬† 8:10 laptop avg. Spectra 7:46 remained. The 4K OLED redundancy of an XPS fifteen tapped you around 8:07, while the 4k model relinquished 8:48. the asus pro lasted a longest, with a period of 10:21


Like a laptop with a high-end component compressed into the comparatively small space, asus zen book has to oppose cooling issues.

On the other hand, you have got an ErgoLift Design that uses a slightly raised position not only to enhance a typing experience, but it also allows for better airflow. There is the express cooling system, which utilizes four heat pipes. Between GPU and CPU, they share these four pipes. Both of its fans have seventy -one blade for the best airflow.



The Pros

Asus zenbook pro duo 2 beautiful 4k display, excellent gaming performance, and overall. Its dueal0screen is easy to use. It stays cools when playing games. it has speedy SSD


The Cons

Heavy and Chunky. battery life is short with weak audio


The Final Verdict

asus zenbook pro duo gives a 2, 4k screen, Nvidia Graphic and Core i9 processor, Nvidia graphics all ready for the multitasking.

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