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apple wireless headphones offer the active cancellation of Noise for immersive voice

Apple airpods pro is available to order, from 30th October they have started the shipping of the apply wireless headphone: airpods. After the considerable success of the apple airpods, now they have launches the airpods pro. As per the headlines, apple wireless headphones are much better than any other essential wireless headphones. Yes, there is a massive difference between the pricing of these apple airpod pros and any ordinary wireless headphones. The apple airpods proclaims that it will properly fit in any ear; it is gym-friendly water and sweat resistant (IPX4) and has the wireless charging for the airpods. These air pods also claim to have the noise cancellation technology and offer the immersive sounds. It also provides some additional features like the ability to read the text message without the requirement of the other application. It also has usually Beats and Apple headphones specific features like hand-free access, ultra-quick pairing.

Among the fantastic features, one primary of the genuine apple airpods has been missed. These pro buds go deeper into the air, but still, it interacts with all people around you. Now it’s time to reveal the truth about the claim apple made for their apple wireless headphones: airpods.

airpods pro price and color

airpods pro price £249/$249, which is a considerable premium over a £159/$159, that you will spend over the cheapest use of genuine apple earphones. But it does not look like a big leap from a £199/$199 apple airpods along with wireless charging features. The apple wireless headphones wireless charging is standard.

Like other apple airpods, the apple wireless headphones: across pro comes only in white color. As per the Apple company, they have matched the airpods color with the new iPhone 11 Pro. As per the observation, people are going after the style, not for the color.

Apple airpods: Battery Life

Talking about the battery life of apple airpod pro, when you on its noise cancellation mode, the battery life of airpods pro is relatively at the lower side. The standard battery life of airpods is around five half hours per charge, but with noise cancellation mode, the battery life is 5 hours. Once you turn off the noise cancellation mode, you will enjoy the airpods for straight 5 hours. It depends how you look at his piece of technology, with its ANC is efficient, or the advantage of turning this mode off is strangely negligible. Dr. Dre’s current Solo Pro, by contrast, get the extra ten hours of battery life when switching off the cancellation noise mode. The charging case provides you twenty-four hours, as with airpods.


Fit Design and Perfection:

The case for the AirPods Pro is chunkier than the original so that they won’t slip in absolutely any pocket quite so quickly, but the difference is less than you might expect, and it’s still thinner than lots of its rivals’ cases, crucially, so there’s less of a bulge.

Besides the  difference of the size the airpod pro  having silicon’s tips that fits correctly into the ears, dissimilar to the earlier version, which sat on the edge of an ear canal. it gives an AirPods Pro the excellent fit and better fit.


It is good news for those who are looking for excellent sound quality. For several casual users of original airpods, it does lose their ability to wear these airpods for an extended time without being disconnected from a world. Although for all of them, apple airpods pro has the high-technology, that is Transparency Mode. This ode allows the users to pass via music around you through the microphones of airpods pro

This time apple airpods provide various tips, and apple makes it easier for their user which model is suitable as per the situation. You can go to the ear fittest. You can also change the size of the tip, which goes best with you.

The silicon tips pod airpods are extra comfortable in wearing, and it is weightless. You can wear them for a longer time. These earphones do not hurt your ears when you wear them for hours and hours.

Apple also uses the air vent for pressure equalization in the ear with the external world which does makes difference. With airpods pro you not sense your weirdly boomy sound as do with ordinary headphones.


apple wireless headphones: Sound Quality

If you are the old airpods user, you know the profile of the sound from the airpods pro. Airpods pro well balanced but not skimping on a bass. The feel of the music may be on the neutral as compare to airpods.

The basic airpods sound excellent in the quiet room, and when you are not in motion, but external sounds overpowered its final details. Here, you can use the noise cancellation mode to achieve the full effect. In apple wireless headphones: airpod pro is using microphones inside to detect how the shape of the ear canal affects a music and sound adaption to offer the original sound.

Noise Cancellation

Along with ear tips, apple airpod pro has noise cancellation moss. The further excellent features are ” Apple’s Active noise Cancellation is good; it actually cut off traffic sound or rumbling sound in the tube.

Nowadays most of the ANC headphones come with the Transparency Mode. It allows outside noise interrupt your music, but the airpods have the Transparency Mode for their user. It is an essential feature for those who are shifting to airpods from ordinary wireless headphones. They can switch between the transparency mode and ANC by squeezing the protruding arm of the airpods pro.

Final Verdict:


  • Pairing is easy and quick
  • great sound
  • exceptional battery life


  • Controversial looks
  • in-line remote: No
  • one size-fir -all design

Apple wireless headphones: airpods are still the decent pair of wireless earbuds-till now airpods pro (upgraded) have substituted them. With seamless pairing of device and perfect sound quality. It comes with ANC and Transparency Mode to offer best sounds.

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